Hello to you all , I'm catherine Troideu , french  journalist, writer, composer and musician. Member & co-founder of the collective 432M .

The collective 432M appointed me to be responsible for the communication to the website 432music.org with my friend Djibril Gabriel , photographer, webmaster, author, composer , musician, designer and multimedia producer . Member & co-creator of the group " collective 432M ".

The purpose of collective 432M is to encourage musicians to produce their own music in A = 432 hz because the natural range influences MUSICIANS when they play ! He or she plays better and feel better when their music is created in natural range . Save and share.

And consequently , our goal is to acquaint music lovers listening natural frequency !


Music natural frequency is an art and a therapy, alternative medicine, soft, natural , universal, heal the body and soul at the same time of course!

Listening and playing music only 432 hz since July 2010, I experienced the well-made natural frequency on the human being myself :-)

Since , in any case , I feel much better, and I joy a higher idea of myself!

On the physical level , everyone told me that I rejuvenated ! Even my mirror ...
Everyday my energy never runs out. My nascent gray hair disappeared.

After intensive use of natural range to create our music my friend and I , we found the beautification of our indoor plants , they were replendissantes and breathed healthy , leaves were brilliant and they developed harmoniously .

In August 2010, I played the same music with the same friends in the same housing , during evening parties and the reactions were much warmer than before, I had some compliments that I never had . Some of them had never dared to sing with me for years that are set to sing with pleasure and astonishment that night . Love, love, love, everybody need somebody !

I can tell you that playing in 432 for your friends works much better than agreeing with the tone of the phone ...

Tomorrows parties my voice was not tired or even veiled after singing all the songs book up to 4 o'clock in the morning, sometimes more...

When I sang and played in 432 hz , I felt much less tired than before for the same period of performance or rehearsal and especially for improvisations: I had wings !

432 liberates your creativity , human , this is what you need most !

When I met Emma , young opera singer and beautifully naturally gifted for singing, after talking to her the natural frequency , I had the bright idea to ask her to sing a A with my tuner set to verify.she said she did not immediately perfect pitch and I told her what I wanted to hear her own A, she immediately sang A and the tuner has turned green! Perfectly right! She made it a perfect A 432 hz with her human voice , her own.

It is very difficult to sing tuned the first shot, perfectly tuned , without familiarized with the natural range , with an unheated like that, offhand voice, a cappella.

Friends, I have a shiver down my spine every time I tell this true story! Emma sang directly to the 432 hz . This means to me that we are , we are all human at 432 hz , vibratory origin is universal !
Thereafter synchronicity, I was tying up a friendship with a Buddhist musician who made me understand a lot about the buddha within us and gave me a video of a ceremony where the lama between chanting "Om". Later, I put my tuner to see and I appercu the lama, as emma sang Om on LA 432 Hz perfect. Magnifique!

A Buddhist friend had a Tibetan bowl with its multiple frequencies, however, the tuner IF settled on a natural range. For me it is normal Tibetans tune their instruments in natural frequency, it just had to check it out, you can do the same with a tuner 432 hz.

One Saturday morning in the land of Mandrin in France , Sebastien, a luthier , guitar in hand, down a bit the sound of his A string and said: "It must be pretty near it the 432 hz tone ." I told him: since you just sold me a tuner , grant me the privilege check , it does not touch the string anymore, the tuner turns green!

The luthier was surprised to see that it is perfectly tuned the first time, without ever having given a 432 hz to a guitar his entire professional life, it was indeed the first time he tuned it to a 432.

And satisfaction for me : he too was already programmed naturally to 432 ! Obviously it could be the maker luthier of 432music.org !

Stradivarius also the man who made the most famous violins, closest to perfection and that reference from the world of classical muisique , chose the 432 hz . He created an instrument to play music natural range .

JIM MORRISON , JIMMY HENDRIX , JANIS JOPLIN , also chose to give 432 !

Secrets revealed or rather awakened !

432 Hz is a resonant frequency of the water molecule . Our human body is 75% of water molecules .

When we listen to or play music in 432 hz we vibrate Raisonance all these water molecules !

Everything that lives is made from many identical water molecules , one oxygen and two hydrogen naturally forming an electromagnetic dipole oscillating for the greatest creative power: a true perfection.

Everything that lives on this planet works with the same genetic code, bacteria obtained , the plant world, the animal world , slugs , elephants , bears and monkeys ... and us! etc. .

The expression of the genetic code inside the living cell , the synthesis of proteins, RNA trransfert movements , the choreography of mitochondrias, this is a divine music that resonates at 432 Hz because it is the water molecule that is the most abundant of these biochemical systems.
DNA itself , the désoyribonucléique acid double helix which is found in divine proportion phi .

PHI = 0.618 ... is everywhere in nature , as the water resonance major constituent of all living .

The divine proportion and the Fibonacci sequence are briefly explained on page phi : click A.

When the A is 432 hz then D is 288 hz and consequently an octave below the D is 144 hz which is the life frequency of our planet earth as measured by geobiologists .

The G resounds with oxygen . Music of life...

When a 12-strings guitar is tuned in 432 hz , it goes something magical ! Try it!

432 hz is also a harmonic of 8 Hz which is the frequency of the two cerebral hemispheres synchrisation of living beings with an evolved consciousness . That humans are on this planet. Children of the universe, they carry within them the eternal joy of the universal frequency: love!

The seventh advice for well-being of the australians aborigines is " you will play and will listen to music. "

Maya said that the size of their pyramids had been sent by their brothers or fathers of stars : 864 units of measurement of the time, 864 = 432 x 2 ... These gigantic works perfect pyramids, like those of the Chinese and Egyptians, were constructed from the divine cosmic proportion PHI.

French musicians to them some 40 centuries later, had set the standard 435 hz. 
It is Goebbels, then the direction of the communication of Adolf Hitler, who finally overcame their resistance in 1939 before the beginning of the second World War, by promoting the standard 440 hz . After the war all the musicians were dead ! Or almost finally there was not more to protest against the standard frequency in 440 Hz and in 1953 it became a global standard.

I am a musician singer songwriter since 1978 and I perceive , in 2010, we are not granted the right frequency, natural as I recall, because of the Nazis, moreover , which put my chips to ears immediately recess .

32 years ago I played music false unknowingly because of them .

Then I decided to devote myself to research information on the net about the subject and I suggest you do the same if like me you have never been able to bear the idea that we can order transporting humans in trains to death! On the other hand it is not surprising that these eugenicists have tried to harm humans by changing the frequency of the natural pitch, Pythagoras would have been shocked !

It is well known that music soothes the soul .

The first author , composer, interpreter , whom I spoke of universal frequency was depressed following the disappointments he had experienced with his band , he had stopped create in his own music more for a few years! A month and a half later I received a phone call warning me that he had started making music with unusual frenzy. A second song-writer much older has the same reaction: 14 new tracks in a new CD!
432 boost our creativity: that is the most important :-)
432 music is a sacred gift to hummanity !

432 is the frequency of life in the universe.

A harmonic of universal love.
Catherine TROIDEU
January 12, 14


Finally I have only three words to say : I LOVE YOU !

THANK YOU for your time for reading these few lines of writing :-)

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